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5/31 BREAKING Torchbearer Weekly Policy Update

Please see important update below.

  • Legislative Council Announcement
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  • Important Dates

Let’s dive in.

Legislative Council Announcement

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Breaking - The Legislative Council will meet on June 13th at 11 am in Room 431. There are four Resolutions on the Agenda:

  1. 23-01 Assignment of Study Topics
  2. 23-02 Establishment of Study Committee Policies
  3. 23-03 Authorization of Payment of Dues to Certain Organizations (e.g., NCSL)
  4. 23-04 Appointment of Andy Hedges as Chief Counsel to the Office of Legislative Ethics

We will update you as these resolutions become available. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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Important Dates

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Tuesday, June 13th - Legislative Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 21st - Organization Day

Monday, January 8th - Anticipated 2024 legislative session start date

Senate Session Calendar

House Session Calendar