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7/13 BREAKING Torchbearer Weekly Policy Update

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  • Indiana Senate Interim Committee Assignments Announced
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  • Important Dates

Let’s dive in.

Indiana Senate Interim Committee Assignments Announced

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BREAKING - Senate President Pro Tem Rodric Bray (R-Martinsville) today announced study committee assignments for members of the Indiana Senate.

Dig Deeper: Study committees are comprised of members of the Senate and House of Representatives and will meet over the summer and fall months to discuss a number of topics approved by the bipartisan Legislative Council in preparation for the 2024 legislative session.

What they’re saying: "Study committees provide an important opportunity for our part-time legislature to take a close look at up-and-coming public policy issues," Bray said. "This year, we are taking an especially focused approach on some of the biggest issues facing the state with some new task forces that I believe will help us continue to practice the fiscal responsibility Hoosiers have some to expect from their state government."

More: Bray cited the creation of the Health Care Cost Oversight Task Force, the Medicaid Oversight Committee, the State and Local Tax Review Task Force, and the Funding Indiana's Roads for a Stronger, Safer Tomorrow Task Force among the new task forces that will work to balance the needs of Hoosiers and the duties of state government.

"I'm incredibly excited at the prospect of streamlining Indiana's tax structure," Bray added. "At the same time, we are going to continue looking for ways to lower the cost of health care for Hoosiers, review our high Medicaid expenditures and ensure we have a road-funding system that is built for the future. There will be a lot of important work done in these committees in the coming interim and beyond, and I am ready to get started."

Members of the Senate will chair the study committees this year, with members of the House of Representatives serving as vice chairs.

The bottom line: To view the full list of study committee assignments for members of the Senate, click here.

To view the list of topics assigned for study, click here.

Visit to view committee schedules and agendas or to stream study committee meetings, which are typically held at the Statehouse in Indianapolis.

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Important Dates

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Tuesday, November 21st - Organization Day

Monday, January 8th - Anticipated 2024 legislative session start date

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