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6/13 BREAKING Torchbearer Weekly Policy Update

Please see important update below.

  • Interim Study Committee Topics Released
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  • Important Dates

Let’s dive in.

Interim Study Committee Topics Released

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Breaking - Legislative Council met today, June 13th at 11 am, to assign interim study committee topics, establish policies for those committees, and other pertinent issues.

Legislative topics established for interim study committees can be found here. We will reach out to individual clients on topics of interest, but please review and let us know of any topics you would like for Torchbearer Public Affairs to cover on your behalf.

Next steps: Legislative leadership will soon make an announcement of committee members appointments and dates that interim study committees will meet during 2023. We will send out that information when it is available.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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Important Dates

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Tuesday, June 13th - Legislative Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 21st - Organization Day

Monday, January 8th - Anticipated 2024 legislative session start date

Senate Session Calendar

House Session Calendar